How to be happier, no matter what – Learning to live in the present moment.

“True happiness is found when you live in the present moment”

Victoria Lewin, Happiness – How to be happier, no matter what.

What does that mean though?
It means learning to live your life completely in the present – from one moment to the next, taking each day as it comes with complete acceptance that everything is happening in its own perfect time, exactly as it’s meant to happen.

Live for Today

Each grain of sand sifts through the glass,

Marking a moment in time.

Yesterday is past,

Tomorrow’s but a promise,

So, live each day as if it’s the last.

Cherish those you love.

Let go of war and hate – its poisonous toxins cloud the mind and

damage the body.

Live in the present moment.

Capture every detail,

Every scent on the breeze,

Nature’s palette in the trees.

Savour every minute and love with all your heart.

Who cares what others may say – it doesn’t matter anyway?

Live your life the way you want to and live for today.

Victoria Lewin.

“When we slow down, our minds become still.

We are in a state of peace and wellbeing,

We are at one with nature and the Universe

in all its beauty and wisdom.”

Victoria Lewin.

If all this is new to you then you might be thinking “Yeah right! I can’t do that!”
Trust me I understand where you’re coming from. You see 6 years ago I was a neurotic mess, chasing my tail, barely sleeping, worrying about everything and desperately trying to control what was going to happen in the future, but it was futile!
I had no control over outcomes because I couldn’t control someone else’s life. My son was on the precipice of hitting rock bottom; something I’d done everything in my power to avoid, but I had to accept that this was his journey. These were his life lessons to learn. All I’d done by trying to control things was put off the inevitable.
I had to learn to let it go.
My life lesson at that point was to learn to let go of the outcome and just show him love. That’s all I can do for my son, because he has free will and these are his soul lessons to learn from this lifetime.
Don’t get me wrong though, I didn’t come to this realization overnight, oh no! It took over 18 months of heartache and despair before I got to that point.
So, trust me I really do understand any doubts you may have, but believe me, having come out the other side and learned how to live in the present moment, I would never trade places to go back there again.

As we go through this pandemic we have to stay focused on living in the moment, being present, taking one day at a time. It’s such a scary time for all of us, so by us living from moment to moment instead of mulling over past regrets or fretting about what the future may bring, we need to look at the only certainty – what is happening right now in our lives.
Engage with your loved ones, even if it has to be via a phone call, video call or through social media. Being in isolation at home doesn’t mean we have to be isolated from friends and family completely, it just means that we have to connect in different ways, after all we live in the 21st century, so take advantage of that fact!

Don’t fight against this situation, that’ll only make you miserable. Instead accept it with an open heart. It’s a chance to have time to reconnect with your family. It’s giving you time to start looking inwards, because only you can be responsible for your own true happiness.


Fear is ruling the roost right now and while it has its place, we need to make sure it doesn’t take over.
We need to stay strong.
Use this time to get quiet and still.
Meditate and go within yourself.
Learn from this time. See how Mother Earth is responding to us all being home?
She’s already healing after a relatively short space of time.
We need to see this pandemic as a wake up call to re-assess how we’re living and learn to live in a different way.

You matter!

Every one of us matters in our own unique way!

Each jigsaw piece is crucial to the final picture and the same is true in life.

We ALL matter!

Each one of us links to the next, just like a jigsaw puzzle.

Incomplete without the final missing piece.

Each one of us complex in our own way,

yet simplistically linked to the next person, the next jigsaw piece.

We ALL matter!

Victoria Lewin

My Ebook is free for the duration of this pandemic, so please click on the link above to get your free copy now!

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